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Book your Taxi from Casablanca Mohamed V airport to your destination in Rabat(door to door and 24H service)

Booking is easy, service is High velue. Navette Casablanca is one of the leaders in providing a comfortable and affordable transfers from Casablanca Airport to Rabat city. Have a look on how our customers describe our service Reviews

How to book your Taxi from Casablanca airport to Rabat?

1. Get instantly and fastly you quotation :

Select your pickup and drop off locations, the number of passengers and get the accurate rate

booking Casablanca airport taxi system

Good News! The total price is for the whole group, not per perso (i.e if you choose 3 people, the price is to pay one time for the 3 passengers)

Return trip: For round trip booking, you earn a discount (check and compare)

  • Departure
  • Destination
  • Number of passagers
  • One Way?

For other locations not existing in the list, you may have a quick quotation by email or by whatsapp: +212 6 62 21 55 05

2. Booking Confirmation :

In this second step, you fill the form with the accurate information.The Flight number is very important when you're requesting a pickup from airport to monito your flight and handle delayed fights!

  • Name / e-mail / Phone number:we contact you in case of exceeced delay, we prefer whatsapp
  • Date and pickup time(Arrival):pickup time is your landing time (we take car to control and luggage process time)
  • Date and pickup time(departure):This is the pickup time from your accomodation, not the flight time !!
  • Submit!
  • You will receive instant confirmation ! You're DONE !

Our driver will be waiting for you till 90min after your landing. it takes generally around 45min to clear customs, get you luggage and be ready for pickup

How to pay your Casablanca Taxi to Rabat?

Generally, the payment is done when you arrive to your destination in cash (we accept Euro, US Dollar and Dirham currencies).

1. Cash payment: This is the prefered method as extra charges will be added(bank, comissions)

2. Other payment methods :

  • Online payment: You may request (by email or Whatsapp) an online payment by credit card or Paypal (3% extra will be charged)
  • Credit Card: If you choose this method, your driver will bring a credit card machine. the amount to pay will be increased by 5% (to cover bank comissions)
  • Bank wire: For some companies, the preference is to make bank to bank transfer. Just request this and we will send you all required information (IBAN/SWIFT...)
  • Western Union: If choosen, we send you a personal name to make your transation on any Western union office

Cancellation & Delay

1. Cancellation:Cancelation is free 24H before your pickup time

2. Delay & waiting time :Your Flight is delayed, Don't worry ! Your driver is monitoring flight in real time through mobile application. you will find your driver just in time. No additional fees are charged !

After your flight landing, your driver will wait for you till 90min, Over this timing, we try to reach you by phone to check if you missed your flight or you have special problem

3. Extra service:Cancelation is free 24H before your pickup time

  • Baby Seat: You may request it directly in the booking form (Extra field). We charge 5€ extra for city transfer and free for inter-cities transfer
  • Stops & Trips: You may planify for free a break stop in your way to others cities (Marrakesh, Rabat, Fez) for coffe or quick meal ! For long stops or city tours, it's recommended to check the availability and the extra to more: Trips & City tours

Why people are choosing our service ?

Reliable & Affordable

Great value, low price

Ponctual and Comfortable

Modern fleet, renewed each 3 years

Available 24H/7

For booking and for customer service

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