How do I get from Casablanca International Mohamed V airport to city center ?

All you should know about how to get to Casablanca city center, Hotel from Casablanca airport: pre-booked Transfer, Train or Taxi

Take a Taxi to get from Casablanca airport to City Center

One of the options: Taxis in Casablanca airport are available 24H/7, the Taxi station is located in front of the Terminal 1 exit. To take a taxi, just go to the Taxi line, a man with yellow vest "TAXI" will assist you to take the line head

Taxi in Casablanca airport are charging using a flat rate fee (250DH - 25€) mentioned in a public board. The price is slightly increased during night (Around 300 MAD/ 28€). It's recommended to ask the price before to get in and to book a private transfer before in case you have a lot of pieces of luggage for hassle-free voyage

The journey is about 45 minutes as Mohamed V international airport is 30km west of Casablanca. Remember to take an official Taxi which is painted in white colour and Avoid don't jump in a non-licensed car

Casablanca airport taxi

Book a private transfer from Casablanca airport to City Center

The best way to get from Casablanca Mohamed V airport to city centre is to book a private Transfer with Navette Casablanca or other company. Your transfer confirmation is instant, the price is fixed and your travel is hassle-free. Your journey will cost 40€ (
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